The following is an abbreviated version of a list of "Woodrun Benefits and Amenities" originally compiled by Mike Thompson, on behalf of the Board of Directors.  We are publishing this edited version in an effort to remind all of us of the benefits that we enjoy by being members of the Woodrun Association.


    Added Nature Trail

    Added Hiking Trail

    Landscaped median on Woodrun Drive

   New Pavilion to shelter mailboxes, bulletin boards and school bus stop

    Added 40 new boat slips

    Complete replacement of nine boat slips and bridge at boat launch

    Extensive road paving repairs 2011, 2016, 2018

    Established lending library at Clubhouse with built in book shelves

   Added and replaced pool furniture and lifeguard stands

   Renovated swimming pool 

   Established additional long term recreational vehicle fenced storage area

   Landscaped front entrance to Woodrun

   Improved boat storage area by grading and adding gravel and parking bumpers

   Planted additional trees and shrubs in common areas

   Made Campground improvements including paving repairs, re-graveled camp sites and painted and added privacy shields to bathroom

  Made Clubhouse improvements including completely renovated restroom, new roof, painted kitchen, new ceiling on lower and replaced exterior rock wall

 Resurfaced tennis courts.  Added two pickleball courts.

  Replaced wood frame gate house with stone  structure with internal bathroom added

  Replaced and enlarged newspaper delivery unit

  Added bicycle rack at school bus stop

  Roofs with 25 year warranty on buildings ( 5 Woodrun Buildings)

 Split rail fencing at Entrance

  New fencing around pool area

  Constructed Concession Stand at pool

  Ongoing paving of multiple roads 

  Construction of  20x30 adult deck at the pool area

  Landscaped around Clubhouse and Pool Area

 New Chaise Lounges for Pool Area

 Fence around Long Term Storage

 Refurbished Boat Parking Lot and fenced it in

Built Rack for holding Kayaks in Boat Launch Area

This page was last updated on: June 13, 2019
Road System - Woodrun has an excellent system of smooth-surfaced asphalt roads.  The roads have stop signs (and speed bumps) to control traffic flow and street signs provided by Montgomery County to assist emergency vehicles.  Roads are consistently evaluated by your Board as to condition.
Security - Access to Woodrun is controlled 24 hours a day by an independent security guard service. Visitors to Woodrun must be approved in advance (by a member) for entry into the community and must obtain a daily visitor's pass at the guardhouse.
Swimming Pool - A clean, modem swimming pool with deck furniture and night-lights, overlooks a spectacular view of Lake Tillery and Morrow Mountain State Park.  It is open to all Woodrun members and their guests. .
Boat Dock - There are two member's boat docks located near the Clubhouse for easy access to the public restrooms, swimming pool, and picnic area.  Another boat dock is located at the Boat Launch area.
Tennis and Pickleball Courts - These courts can be lit at night for extended hours of use.  Convenient parking is available. Security has the keys to this amenity. 
Campground - A fully equipped campground is available for use by members and their guests.  The main road was resurfaced in 2018.
Playground - A modem playground complete with security fence for Woodrun's youngest residents is located near the swimming pool.  Yearly updates make this area even more pleasant.
Clubhouse - The Clubhouse is open for use by members for weddings, picnics, and other social events.  It has a well-equipped commercial kitchen, bar, outdoor deck and meeting areas. 

Entrance - Woodrun has an attractive, landscaped, gated main entrance, which gives members a feeling of entering a special place and invites the home-buying public to investigate the community.
Hiking/Nature trails - A 1/4mile nature trail with tree identification signs has been constructed in the common wooded area near the tennis courts.  Another trail winds around the Clubhouse and boat docks.
Secretarial/Bookkeeping Staff - Woodrun maintains a full time office and employs a secretary/bookkeeper who keeps the Association's business running smoothly.
Maintenance Staff - A maintenance building with tools, supplies, and equipment provides a base for our maintenance staff to keep the community's roads, grounds and buildings attractive, clean and in good repair.
Major Repair and Replacement Fund  A substantial savings reserve earmarked for major road, property and building repairs and replacement represents an important investment in the future value of Woodrun.
Trash Removal - there is a centrally located trash container for members' household trash.
Fire Protection - An excellent volunteer fire department is located nearby.
Woodrun Intangible Benefits

Increasing Home Resale Value - Woodrun homes have increased in value since the community was founded.

Minimum House Size and Standards - Property values are maintained in part by our ByLaws.

Sustained Community Growth - Steady growth demonstrates that the community continues to have value in the eyes of the home-buying public.

Natural Surroundings - Our location in the Uwharrie Mountains offers scenic views and access to natural areas.  Common areas, mostly wooded, are scattered throughout the community.  Spectacular displays of fall color are experienced each year.

Sense of Community - Members generally feel their community is a special place, a refuge from a hectic world, and share a common bond by living or owning property here.  Friendly, neighborly relations between people are the norm.

Safety - The main gate and fully manned guardhouse contribute to the feeling of security that residents and property owners enjoy.  Walkers and joggers can enjoy the roads and trails without worrying about the dangers felt in many other areas today.

Peace and Quiet - Woodrun is far from the beaten track, a quiet place to rest, reflect, and refresh the spirit.

Community Social Events - An active social co-ordinator offers us a steady stream of parties and events for everyone to enjoy, Hundreds of Lake Tillery boaters, along with Woodrun members and their guests, enjoy our Fourth of July fireworks every year.

Recreation - Woodrun offers boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, jogging, picnicking, tennis, bird watching, nature study, bicycling, basketball and camping without leaving the community.  Additional recreational opportunities are available nearby at Uwharrie National Forest, Morrow Mountain State Park and local golf courses.,

Reasonable Costs - Compared to other communities of comparable size and amenities in the Piedmont, Woodrun has a very competitive dues and fees structure.  Members receive especially good value for their investments.

Opportunities to Enjoy Wildlife - due to the natural state of Woodrun and the surrounding countryside, members can observe a variety of wildlife including deer, bald eagles, herons, ducks, fish, turtles, opossums, hawks, squirrels and many others.  This adds interest and variety to our lifestyle.
Woodrun Tangible Benefits

Members Area