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Members Area
(AS SET FORTH ON PAGE 3 IN THE Woodrun Rules and Regulations)

1. Only members in good standing can use the Woodrun Campground.
2. Members are allowed to use one camp site, with one camper per site.
3. Members can co-sign for one camp site for a guest.
4. Members will be held accountable for payment, key deposit, and conduct.
5. Members using the campground must register at the security gate where they will be assigned a
campsite and given a key. There is a refundable $50 key deposit provided the key is returned to security upon departure. The key deposit will apply separately from the daily charge. The key deposit refunds can be picked up at the Woodrun office or mailed after the following check writing cycle. If the key is not returned within 2 weeks after departure, there will be a $100.00 assessment.
6. All members will be charged for campsites at the rate of $175.00 per month, or $65 per week if less than a month, or $15 per night if less than a week. The week schedule will be from 7:00 AM on Mondays until 6:59 AM the following Monday (No Refunds). Water and electricity are
included in the daily charge. Renewal must be paid at least 24 hours in advance of the existing rental period or campers will be subject to removal.
7. Members will pay $50 per week if the camper remains on the site, or $15 per night if less than a week.
8. Guests will be charged for campsites at a rate of $17.50 per day (payable in advance – no refunds). The members will be responsible for their guest. Family members outside of Woodrun
 m em b er’s ho m e ar e co ns id ered to b e gues ts. 
9. Vacant campsites are NOT for parking. Extra vehicles are to be parked in vicinity of the
bathhouse. Violators will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.
10. Woodrun is not responsible for any damages to the Woodrun members or guest belongings.
11. Damage to the Woodrun Campground can result in the forfeiture of the $50 key deposit and any other associated expenses. These charges will be billed to the Woodrun member.
12. Any objects left behind will be disposed of and the labor charge will be levied.
13. Camping is only allowed at the Woodrun Campground; it is not allowed on vacant Woodrun lots.

Members staying at the campground are responsible for following all Woodrun Rules and Regulations concerning not only the Woodrun Campground but all Woodrun facilities. Members are responsible for their guests and should advise all guests of the Woodrun Rules and Regulations for using Woodrun Community Properties and Facilities.

Being a member of the Woodrun Association, Inc., I/we hereby agree to abide by all rules and regulations. I further agree that I/we may be refused the right to use the facilities of Woodrun Association, Inc. for failure to abide by the rules of the Woodrun Association.

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