How many total lots are in Woodrun? 1,551
How many lots do we bill dues for? 1,230

Break down
* Houses…500 Billed at $700.00
*Vacant Lots …756 Billed at 385.00
*Consolidated … 278 No Fee Charged
*Consolidated after 2009 …14 Billed at $250.00
*Consolidated Split…7 No Fee Charged
*Sewer Lot…14 billed at $136.00

* Woodrun For Sale Lots…15 No Fee Charged
*Woodrun Common Areas…21 No Fee Charged

How many homes are in Woodrun?  Almost 500

Do we file liens on properties with unpaid dues? Yes
How many associate members do we have? 41 at this time

How many full time and part time employees does the association employ?
Part Time: Sam Lemons, Jennifer Kimrey
Full Time: Joe Morris, Tim Morris, Kathy Tucker 
Pool Attendants in summer months only

Who processes the payroll? 
Admin,  then two Board of Directors sign them.
Must have two Board of Directors to sign any checks no matter what they are for.

Who creates Woodrun work schedules? How are tasks prioritized?
Kathy give maintenance work orders such as delivering gravel or mulch. Bill Price does the other scheduling.

When was the last time part of the roads were repaved? 2018

When was the last time the pool was resurfaced?

When was the last time the roof on the clubhouse was replaced?
2003.  Fascia replaced in 2017.

How long is the lake lease? Do we have to renew?
The lake lease is for one Year.  It is renewed every year at a cost of $14,300.00.

How does the Library work in the Clubhouse?

Our library is stocked with books for children as well as fiction and non-fiction reads for adults. Stop by - take a book - return a book. You do NOT have to return the same book you take. In fact, the offerings in the Library will change more often if you return something different.  

Does Woodrun have a free wi-fi hotspot?  Yes.  It is in the Clubhouse.  Password= poolpass 

When do we need a burn permit?
A “burn permit” is required for open fires started in Woodrun. A “permit” can be obtained on line at Some members have asked if a permit is required when using a fire pit or campfire. The short answer is no. Burn permits are required for open fires on the ground.

Sometimes certain questions arise.  Who do I call?  Loose dogs:  Animal Control.  Safety issues:  Guard Booth.  Internet questions:  Your internet provider.  Cell phone questions:  Your cell phone company.  Land line phone questions:  Century Link. This website will answer many of the questions you have.  Please refrain from calling the office if at all possible.

Notice a Violation of our Bylaws?  Procedures are in place to take care of any Woodrun By-Law violations. If you have a problem or complaint, please put your complaint in writing and drop it off at the Woodrun office or e-mail the office at  

Farm and Garden located at 702 North Main Street in Troy will also have burn permits. It is very important to obtain a permit and check with the correct agencies to verify conditions are right for burning of any nature. Burn Permit required for any open ground brush fire.

Fire pits and campfires are not a problem. 

If you own your own dock , not renting a Woodrun slip, what are the guidelines for what I can and cannot do around my dock?

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This page was last updated: May 9, 2019

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